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Techjoinup- the latest venture of SME Networks Pvt Ltd

SME Networks Pvt Ltd

SME Networks Pvt Ltd

Techjoinup, a venture of SME Networks Pvt. Ltd. is primarily meant for companies who are all set to deliver their best of services to a foreign audience or are already doing will have a network of:

  • International Companies from different countries from different industry segments
  • International Chambers and Associations
  • Chambers in India promoting international trade
  • Consultants with existing international contacts
What are the benefits of becoming a member?
  • Your company “FEATURE” is accessible to International Companies through the portal
  • Your company will be represented in all International/Domestic B2B exhibitions/conventions if you are not physicall present
  • Your company will be represented while meeting foreign delegates visiting India
  • You are eligible to get INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS through them and a project size of minimum USD10k is accepted.
To enable you to become part of Techjoinup and hence start getting projects there would be basic eligibility criteria to be met which are :
  • Clear objective of the company to seek International markets
  • If the company has not worked for an international client and they are all set to “go international” it should have worked for a few good Indian brands
  • Startups with proven track record of working with International clients through previous assignments
The Official launch date of the portal to our International Networks will be 21st March , 2011.
They will be featuring 100 members before 21st March during their launch , so if you want to be part of this pure business portal get ready to deliver and join them on by clicking on “Become a Member” button on right hand corner.
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  1. Dear Concerned,

    I would like to explore opportunity with SME Networks with regards to SME in north region.
    Kindly let us know if any, business prospect we have which could add value to your offerings.

    We are a team built on network of Chartered Accountants , Legal Professionals , Marketing Professionals (Across Sectors), Technical Experts (Industry Specific) .

    Thanking you,

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