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Add To is a business firm started by two IT and Marketing professionals. The missdion of this firm it to mediate the growth of businesses and people who are driven by passion and are at the threshold of expanding their horizons. The clients of Add To are startups and entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses and are in need to grow into a tree from a sapling. The startups are usually looking for growth in terms of expanding their market, products and services or they are in need of strategies or designs aimed at inorganic growth.

At the time being, Add To operates areas that include Product or Brand Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Channel Marketting, Consumer Marketting, Product/ Practice/ Process Institutionalization, Knowledge management, Quality Management, Process Improvement, Information Technology, Communication Solutions and Customer Relationship Management.

If you have a startup or thinking of entrepreneurship and need guidance in any of the above mentioned areas, Add To is your mentor. Write to Sharvani Sachidanand  at  addtogro… for further details.

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