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Online retailing has become a booming industry now that the internet has made its mark in terms of its convenience and quickness. Over a short span of time many online retailing websites have sprung up and have had a significant success rate so far.

Buytheprice is one such website which provides easy online retailing. Its objective is “to be the leading Indian online retailer by 2014 by capturing the 1100cr non travel online shopping space through a revolutionary ecommerce 2.0 portal”

Buytheprice is the first offering from myZingo, launched with multiple deals with an array of discounted products  available on the portal at any given point of time, each with:

  • A limited buying window
  • Different slab size (4 for IPods, 1 for Microwave)
  • Real time status (Number of buyers, current slabs, etc)
  • Cash back and freebies
  • Price keeps reducing with each additional buyer.
  • Effective price is calculated at the end of buying window, and applied to all buyers
  • Great savings

The product range covers electronic goods, lifestyle goods, mobile phones and many more.
For further information, product buying and popular deals, visit,

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