Startup News from India : We LOVE the ARTS! Do you too? is an online ecosystem for art lovers, art enthusiasts and artists with a built in online social network. People can interact, explore the space for free!
Primarily it started with this need for Founder, Shamit Bagchi as an artist to showcase his art works. Also to bring the fantastic and creative traditional Indian art forms to larger masses! is to provide an online space for creativity in the arts, and a platform to connect the artist and the artsumer (art consumer – organizational or individual)! Letting artists share, showcase, interact, learn, collaborate and also sell their artworks. Also the repository of fresh, interesting art content and an energetic ecosystem can be consumed for free. Customized or premium content is paid for! We facilitate this selling of the content.
Visual, literary, musical and all other forms of arts are welcome. Events regarding performing arts are also a big welcome. were the online media partners for Bengaluru Habba 2009 – the week long performing arts extravaganza that happens in Bangalore and also for the BIAF – Bangalore International Arts Festival 2009.
It is a distributed team and that in itself is a unique thing they are trying to experiment with an open, social and distributed team without geographical boundaries and brought together by their passion and commitment to arts.
Although it is more in a proprietorship mode – it originally consisted of a set of IIM Bangalore students who continue to be part time members of the team and an artist from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat – Anshuman Majumdar who created the brand logo for Dhonuk. Advisory roles are played by IIM Bangalore students.
Many artists have bagged projects, Raghupathi Sringeri recently did the cartoons for the cover and inside pages of Jam Mag! It is organically growing – another artist recently did a design portfolio for textiles firm based out of US. Design projects also a few have happened for example for the IIM Bangalore PGSEM brochure. Customized artwork were also done by our artists.
It started as a beta site back in September 01, 2009. The WOM campaigns are getting the momentum going and they plan to move that way. plan to make this a hub of activity – a first of its kind involving an online social network of artists in India and generate collaborative content and be able to sell the content with copyrights to those who may want to buy it. It is evolving and catering to newer needs and ideas from members themselves who are upbeat and often come up with communities.
Several projects have actually been done on this idea and its aspects such as marketing, new venture courses within the IIMB PGSEM program. It was also showcased as one of the entrepreneurial ventures coming out of the IIMB PGSEM stable and was recently presented to NASSCOM chairperson Harsh Manglik in an interaction session.
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