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Sahil Bajaj, Alumnus of IIT Delhi (2008, B.Tech) launched, a New Delhi-based mobile phone review website, in February 2010. It helps users in their mobile phone buying decisions by providing short reviews with to-the-point pros and cons for each phone. The website compiles a summary of the user and expert opinion on each phone from various reviews available on the internet, including reviews posted by its own users on the website. currently gets around 5,000 unique users a month.
All the phones that are listed on have their custom pages which house the review along with the price of the device. The page also has an option of displaying a video review of that particular device. Besides, all the listed features on an individual phone page have an explanation tag that can help the user understand what those features really mean. The website also allows users to compare two or more different mobile phone models together. has fresh, simple-to-use, no-nonsense interface. Everything is search oriented to help people find phones according to their specific requirements. For instance, a user can do a search such as Nokia and Samsung phones, costing between Rs 8,000 and 10,000, launched during the last year, having touchscreen, 3G support, full keyboard and in-built social networking. Phone features are explained in simple layman terms.Overall opinion is provided around each phone (collated and summarized from various publicly available phone reviews), as well as an overall rating, to make it easy for the user to make his decision. Video reviews are provided for popular phones. sources the phone prices from price aggregators such as eBay and The company is planning to introduce a ‘call-to-action’ feature on and integrating that with ecommerce portals such as eBay so that the user can order the phone online if he so wishes. Besides, there is also plan to provide the user a list of local dealers and current prices for a particular phone.

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