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longlongago! Exclusive library for children! is an online library for Children’s books. It caters exclusively for Children’s books. It bring classic books like ‘Panchatantra’, ‘Chhota-Bheem’, ‘Science’, ‘Crafts’ in various languages to children’s books around the world to the members from Paperback books to beautiful hardcover books. is similar to a lending library. They have diligently categorized the books under various stacks (e.g. Age, Theme, Characters etc.,). Once you become a member they create a customized profile based on your children’s interest. They also use in-house recommendations from the librarian(a good way for to you discover new books) and send books to your home.

There are no late fees or per book reading fee. You as long as your children are having fun and then when they want new books, then you can return and they will send another set of books.

There are plans suitable for every children’s needs.

Please check for more information. Their service is available in Bengaluru, Chennai & Coimbatore.

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