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Indigloo Builder allows people to add text,image,videos and maps easily.Indigloo provides advanced features like standard grid system to divide areas, power to move contents over one another, ability to create multilevel menus, Place holder for meta tags and keywords for each page etc.
Features are not restricted for free users.Its main target audience is individuals,businesses and people who want to earn from google ad sense program. There is a pro plan of 30 us dollars for users who want custom domain names. Its target audience is business,individuals and people who want to earn from google adsense programs.
Its very easy to understand and use for novice users.It makes having a site of any nature a true possibility for everybody.
Indigloo helps Create website in 3 minutes
Indigloo website builder helps anyone to create,design and publish website on their own in 3 minutes.
Create Free Website
No Technical skills needed
Create Online store
Upload file and photos
Place adsense ads
Insert Videos and Map
Create form
Edit and format Text
Unlimited Pages
Upload your logo and banner
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